117 Avn Page

The 117th Aviation Company was originally the 8th Transportation Company, flying H-21 helicopters. That unit served in Vietnam from December 1961 until June 1963. It was located at Qui Nhon, RVN. Around June 1963 the 8th Trans Company became the 117th Aviation Company. The 117th served in Vietnam until March 1972. The 117th originally served under the 52nd Avn. Bn., until September 1965, when the unit was assigned to the 10th Avn. Bn. It was at this time that the unit was re-located to Dong Ba Thin, near Cam Ranh Bay. The 117th at this period were called the "Beach Bums". Later, when they moved to Long Binh, they would change their callsign to "Warlord".