2nd Bn, 20th Arty (ARA)

This unit served in Vietnam during the period September 1965 until
April 1971, and it was assigned to the 1st Cav Division. The Bn was
co-located with the Division at An Khe, until the Division moved
north. From 1968 until departure it was based at Phouc Vinh. The
photos were taken in 1968-69.

In gathering up and preserving photos, over the last thirty or so
years, I have had occasional coincidences. I would like to relate one
coincidence that occurred regarding the two photos I am showing. The
first photo came from Ed Gardella. As you will see, that photo shows the
front of the aircraft, with the 2/20th ARA nose art, and red triangle on the
side. The second photo, that I got from Larry Alexander, years later, is of
the back end of the aircraft, showing the 1st Cav patch on the tail boom, and
again the red triangle. Are you not sure it is the same aircraft yet? Then
take a look at the rocket pod, and check out that there are only two rockets
left, and note the tubes they are in. That is a coincidence in my book, to get
photos from two different guys, that just so happened to take a photo of the
same aircraft on the same day. Thank you both for taking the photos.